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professional Detailing set ups



(Black - Detailing Set Up)

(Dark Blue - Detailing Set Up)

(Yellow - Detailing Set Up)

(Brick Red - Detailing Set Up)

(Bright Red - Detailing Set Up)

(Orange - Detailing Set Up)

(Cream - Detailing Set Up)

(Green - Detailing Set Up)

Turn Key Set Ups


Professional Detailing Equipment

  1. Gorilla Ladders
  2. Hydro Easy Hold SGS28 Spray Gun
  3. Vacuum Hose Reel 50ft.
  4. MTM Hydro PF22.2 Foam Cannon
  5. Outlet Remote Control 3pk
  6. MTM Pressure Washer Wand
  7. Air Compressor
  8. Power Strip 12 Outlets & Fire Extinguisher
  9. 65 Gallon Water Tank + Float Valve
  10. Ar630TSS Pressure washer
  11. Milwaukee Impact Resistant Compact Cooler
  12. Water Tank Water Pump
13. Polishing Pad Holder 6″
14. Maxshine Car Detail Brush and Spray Bottle Holder
15. Vacmaster Beast Vacuum Cleaner 
16. Pressure Washer Hose Reel 
17. Aquor Water System
18. 16 oz & 32 0z (2) Bottle Holders 
19. Maxshine Car Polisher Holder (Double Station)
20. Extension Cord Reel 50ft    
21. Air Hose Reel 50ft
22. Poka Premium Wall Mount Glove Box Holder
23. Milwaukee (2)
24. Inverter Generator 4500w
Pro Finish USA

Financing Options Coming Soon

In the near future, we will introduce a range of finance options to enhance flexibility for our customers. . During this transitional period, we encourage you to explore the following payment alternatives below.


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Finance Options Coming Soon!


We strive to simplify the payment process for you, regardless of whether you prefer to pay in cash or opt for financing. For those interested in financing, our preferred lenders offer flexible and affordable options. Follow the steps outlined below to elevate your detailing company to the next level.

Request a Quote

In order to obtain a comprehensive & accurate quotation, please take a moment to fill out the form that has been made available below. If you need help filling out this form or have any questions you may email or call.

Approval Process

After receiving the quote and being prepared to proceed, the subsequent phase involves confirming the customization aspects, which include the design, vehicle type, and any additional specifications.

Cash or Finance

We provide various payment options to our valued customers. You have the choice of using our hassle-free and economical financing plan, or you may opt to pay with cash, credit, or arrange for your own financing through a secure method.


“Ready to unleash your detailing potential? Give us a call today and let us help you achieve your goals with our professional services and expertise”.



At Pro Finish USA, we take pride in our ability to deliver personalized design configurations that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ vehicles. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to provide custom detailing setups for a wide range of vehicle types, including the most common van models below. If you do not find your vehicle type listed, we invite you to contact us, and we will work with you to create a professional design configuration that is optimized to suit your vehicle’s unique specifications.


Custom Professional Detailing Set-Ups

For information regarding a personalized detailing setup, please click on the button below to submit your inquiry.



Car Detailing Supplies Orlando

The duration of the start-to-finish process for each order can vary, but generally, it can take up to 30 days. However, we always strive to complete each job as quickly as possible while ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Our goal is to provide efficient and timely service to our customers, allowing them to enjoy their customized detailing setup in a prompt manner.


We specialize in adapting and customizing detailing setups to perfectly match the specific needs of all vehicle types. If you don’t find your particular vehicle mentioned above, feel free to inquire for more information and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Yes, we offer exclusive discounts to Urable valued members on the Pro or Enterprise plans, as well as to individuals who are currently or were previously in the military. We are proud to extend these special offers as a token of appreciation for your support and service.

Although we highly recommend our pre-designed setups, which are carefully crafted for maximum efficiency, we also offer the option of collaborating with you to create a completely customized detailing design that caters specifically to your unique requirements. Please note that a deposit will be necessary to secure your request. Once we have developed the 2D design and received your approval, we will initiate the production phase and collect the remaining balance before proceeding further.


Regrettably, at this present time, we do not have pre-configured vans available with a comprehensive setup. However, we have full confidence that we will be able to offer this service in the near future to better meet the needs of our valued customers.


Exclusive Discounts For Urable Members

Pro Finish USA takes pride in providing our valued customers with exclusive discounts when signing up for either the professional or enterprise plans on Urable. As a reputable and trusted provider of scheduling software for Automotive Detailers, Urable can assist small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and large corporations in streamlining their operations and workflows. Our discounted rates on Urable plans present an excellent opportunity for businesses to leverage our top-quality services while optimizing their operations and streamlining their workflow with the best detailing software in the market. Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your business to new heights with Pro Finish USA and Urable.